Spaaace is a games consultancy.

We advise games designers and producers on aspects of games design, anything from basic principles to core gameplay, documentation and playification. Not gamification. We don’t do gamification. People are not monkeys.

We advise companies on how to integrate games, gamelike play and playful behaviours into their products and their business, from training and internal workflow to branding and marketing campaigns, and encouraging customer loyalty.

We design games for clients: computer games, web games, board- and card-games, and new genres like transmedia games, ARGs and post-ARGs that cross between an online and offline experience.

We critique and evaluate games pitches and proposals, game design documents, games that are in development and games ready for release.

We specialise in integrating narrative with interactivity to create games that tell stories and stories that involve the player and their actions as a part of the experience, leaving deeper resonance and stronger emotional responses than games or stories can create alone.

We publish games and books about games.

Our clients include games companies, government departments, major broadcasters, TV production companies, film companies, breweries, video-game distributors, PR and media agencies, fantasy-franchise holders, and ten-year-olds who ask politely.

We advise on how to design games, prototyping, publishing, distribution, marketing and merchandising; as well as using games as part of media and publicity campaigns. We create worlds, backgrounds and support materials.

Spaaace also has its own game-publishing imprint, Magnum Opus Press.

(There’s three ‘a’s in ‘Spaaace’. We’re a triple-A company.)