After the Starter

One of the things that nobody tells you about Kickstarter is how much a successful campaign raises your profile. Since Alas Vegas was spectacularly funded at the beginning of March, Spaaace’s client portfolio has exploded to include environmental charities, major oil companies, a major brewer, an educational establishment and several other new faces. James has delivered a number of lectures and workshops, including one on an island in a fjord courtesy of Hyperion, the federation of Norwegian gamers, has judged a couple of awards, and has contributed material to at least three other Kickstarter campaigns including a complete RPG for Mike Selinker’s barnstorming Maze of Games interactive puzzle novel, new games for Hide & Seek’s Tiny Games app, and Robin Laws’s Hillfolk drama-system game. For the last he created ‘The Battle of Wits’, which is almost certainly the only tabletop game based on the feuds and in-fighting of the Augustan poets.

All this has regrettably meant that Alas Vegas is running late. However its lead artist John Coulthart has now finished his amazing major arcana which will illustrate the book, and things are on track for a release in the autumn. In a race between quality and speed, we prefer the former.