Conventions come, conventions go

Back in December Spaaace’s glorious leader James spoke at Dragonmeet, the London-based games convention he chaired for three years in the early 2000s. They’d invited him back to lead a panel on the British Games Industry, looking at where it had come from and where it was going. He was joined by Simon Rogers of Pelgrane Press, Dominic McDowall-Thomas of Cubicle 7, noted freelance Phil Masters (GURPS Discworld), and Piers of London Indie Gamers. G*M*S Magazine videoed the panel, and you can watch it here.

James will be a guest at Warpcon in Cork at the end of January, where he will be showing off playtest copies of a couple of things he can’t talk about, possibly running a seminar called ‘How I Single-Handedly Saved The UK Roleplaying Industry From Certain Doom’, and auctioning off some rarities from his collection in the charity auction. Warpcon’s a good time. You should be there.