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The Elefantenparade in the Room —

Today (14th April 2017) I was on the radio documentary ‘Do Pass Go’ on BBC Radio 4, talking about board-games. I praised a particular 1980s board-game called Elefantenparade, which I love as an example of all the things that made German games so exciting in the 1980s. I want to make it clear that I […]

The Essence of Essen —

Internationale Spieltage SPIEL, usually known as ‘Spiel’ or ‘Essen’, is the biggest tabletop gaming event in the world, with around 150,000 admittances over its four days. My first Spiel was 1995: I went with John Nephew of Atlas Games, showing off the almost-released second edition of Once Upon a Time. Then I didn’t go back until last week. […]

A game narrative reading list —

Two friends with credentials (George Buckenham and Jurie Horneman) have posted recommended lists of books on game design, and as I’ve had a similar list knocking around for a while I thought I’d put it up here. Mine is more specific than either of theirs since it’s mostly about game narrative, and it overlaps with […]

A fistful of updates —

It has been pointed out to me that I’ve not followed up on a number of posts from earlier this year. So here’s what happened: The 2013 Diana Jones Award, which I wrote about here, was won by Tabletop and Wil Wheaton. You can see Matt Forbeck’s presentation and Wil’s acceptance speech on Youtube here. The […]

Fjord Escort: Hyperion and Hypercamp —

I run a workshop on board-game design, paper-prototyping and the iterative process. It lasts between two and four hours, and involves small groups of people concepting and designing a game, watching others playtest it, listening as they critique it and—if there’s time—working through that criticism to create a revised version. I’ve run it three times already this […]

Games on Business Cards, part 2 —

I just ran out of business cards. This is hardly earth-shaking news, I know, but I have a tradition that whenever I print a new set of business cards I put something new on the back. It’s always a game, it’s always about business cards and—obviously—it has to be small enough to fit on the […]

Diana Jones Award 2013 shortlist —

I administer the Diana Jones Award ‘for excellence in gaming’. This is its thirteenth year, and we’ve just released the shortlist for the 2013 award. I think it’s an outstanding collection of items, and since I don’t have access to the actual DJA website to update it right now, I’m throwing the press release up […]

Alas Vegas tarot cards—a first look —

Here are the first four images that John Coulthart has created for the Alas Vegas tarot. For some reason Kickstarter isn’t letting me insert images directly into my update posts, so I’m posting these here mostly so I can embed a link to them. They’re all still works in progress. In particular we’re still discussing […]