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A fistful of updates —

It has been pointed out to me that I’ve not followed up on a number of posts from earlier this year. So here’s what happened: The 2013 Diana Jones Award, which I wrote about here, was won by Tabletop and Wil Wheaton. You can see Matt Forbeck’s presentation and Wil’s acceptance speech on Youtube here. The […]

Fjord Escort: Hyperion and Hypercamp —

I run a workshop on board-game design, paper-prototyping and the iterative process. It lasts between two and four hours, and involves small groups of people concepting and designing a game, watching others playtest it, listening as they critique it and—if there’s time—working through that criticism to create a revised version. I’ve run it three times already this […]

Games on Business Cards, part 2 —

I just ran out of business cards. This is hardly earth-shaking news, I know, but I have a tradition that whenever I print a new set of business cards I put something new on the back. It’s always a game, it’s always about business cards and—obviously—it has to be small enough to fit on the […]

Diana Jones Award 2013 shortlist —

I administer the Diana Jones Award ‘for excellence in gaming’. This is its thirteenth year, and we’ve just released the shortlist for the 2013 award. I think it’s an outstanding collection of items, and since I don’t have access to the actual DJA website to update it right now, I’m throwing the press release up […]

Alas Vegas tarot cards—a first look —

Here are the first four images that John Coulthart has created for the Alas Vegas tarot. For some reason Kickstarter isn’t letting me insert images directly into my update posts, so I’m posting these here mostly so I can embed a link to them. They’re all still works in progress. In particular we’re still discussing […]

Alas and alack —

Just wanted to share something I’ll be talking up at Dragonmeet this Saturday: Artwork by Niki Hunter. ‘Godfather of indie game design’ quote from Robin D. Laws, who will also be at Dragonmeet. (Should you be at Dragonmeet too, I’ll be running demonstration games of the new edition of Once Upon a Time in the lobby […]

Once Upon a Time – interview with the director —

Last week I posted a link to the short film Once Upon a Time, based on my card-game Once Upon a Time—if you missed it it’s here: It’s a labour of love and remarkably accomplished for a first film from a writer/director. So having badgered him to put the film online, I badgered him into […]

Once Upon a Time – the movie —

How do you make a film based on a card-game? Not even Hasbro has tried it yet, but in the late 1990s I received a mysterious videotape in the post from Australia. A young film-maker called Andrew Shellshear had sent me a copy of his first half-hour movie. It was titled ‘Once Upon a Time’ […]

Sudden Sway: a Walk in the Park —

Cities change all the time. They are constantly altering, growing, modernising and putting in speed bumps. They’ve been at it since before we were born, and they will be digging up the same bit of road every few years long after we’re dead or moved to the seaside. “It’ll be lovely here,” goes the standard […]

Sudden Sway: Neuro-Activity Modules and Klub Londinium —

‘This is a Neuro-Activity Module, broadcast to you on the wavelength of sound. NAMs help you “be” more easily. From Conceptat, the idea agency.’ The words jolted me out of my late-evening fervour of typing. It was the early 1980s and I was in my study at boarding school, banging out an article for the […]