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Alas and alack —

Just wanted to share something I’ll be talking up at Dragonmeet this Saturday: Artwork by Niki Hunter. ‘Godfather of indie game design’ quote from Robin D. Laws, who will also be at Dragonmeet. (Should you be at Dragonmeet too, I’ll be running demonstration games of the new edition of Once Upon a Time in the lobby […]

Once Upon a Time – interview with the director —

Last week I posted a link to the short film Once Upon a Time, based on my card-game Once Upon a Time—if you missed it it’s here: It’s a labour of love and remarkably accomplished for a first film from a writer/director. So having badgered him to put the film online, I badgered him into […]

Once Upon a Time – the movie —

How do you make a film based on a card-game? Not even Hasbro has tried it yet, but in the late 1990s I received a mysterious videotape in the post from Australia. A young film-maker called Andrew Shellshear had sent me a copy of his first half-hour movie. It was titled ‘Once Upon a Time’ […]

Sudden Sway: a Walk in the Park —

Cities change all the time. They are constantly altering, growing, modernising and putting in speed bumps. They’ve been at it since before we were born, and they will be digging up the same bit of road every few years long after we’re dead or moved to the seaside. “It’ll be lovely here,” goes the standard […]

Sudden Sway: Neuro-Activity Modules and Klub Londinium —

‘This is a Neuro-Activity Module, broadcast to you on the wavelength of sound. NAMs help you “be” more easily. From Conceptat, the idea agency.’ The words jolted me out of my late-evening fervour of typing. It was the early 1980s and I was in my study at boarding school, banging out an article for the […]

Hey kids, comics! —

With great regret I am selling off my comics collection, prior to moving house. I loved this stuff but it’s spent the last ten years under the bed not being looked at. We are talking about three full boxes of comics, measuring almost two metres. Probably not far off a thousand actual comics. High points: […]

Alms and the Beast —

Stone Skin Press, the fiction offshoot of Pelgrane Press, has been running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of their first four short-story anthologies: The New Hero vols 1 and 2, Shotguns vs Cthulhu and The Lion and the Aardvark: Aesop’s Modern Fables. This is interesting to me because I like the Pelgrane folk […]

Once Upon a Time in Texas —

It’s almost twenty years since Atlas Games released the first edition of Once Upon a Time, the card-game I co-developed with Andrew Rilstone and Richard Lambert. Since then it’s sold around a quarter of a million copies, and is available in ten languages including the pirated Chinese edition. And Once Upon a Time 3rd Edition will […]

Diana Jones Award 2012 shortlist announced —

It’s that Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming time again: SHORTLIST FOR 2012 DIANA JONES AWARD ANNOUNCED The committee of the Diana Jones Award has announced the shortlist for its 2012 award. The list contains five candidates that in the opinion of the committee exemplify the very best that hobby-gaming produced in 2011. In […]

No! Don’t go! —

This is still Cope, but Cope in transition, courtesy of a deeply annoying hack and some amazing reconstruction-work by a WordPress surgeon who, if you ever need a WordPress surgeon, I will joyously recommend to you. We’re working out of a default theme while I rethink a few things, but there’s some bits of news […]