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Nerdcon, authorship, and the problem with games —

So at Nerdcon, a convention about telling stories in early October, there was a game of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen. It was a programme item. It was played on a stage in front of a big audience, with big-name SF authors including Mary Robinette Kowal and Patrick Rothfuss—Nerdcon’s organiser—playing it. Nerdcon has just put the […]

Klub Londinium: not the Mystic Walk —

On Friday last week Kevan Davis and I met in Regents Park and did—simultaneously and not as it’s supposed to be done—the Klub Londinium ‘Mystic’ walk. It was a lovely evening, the temperature and mood were just right, and the experience was transfigurative. I’m still in the process of mustering my thoughts and forcing them […]

Every Old Hero Is New Again —

Robin Laws has just posted the full cover for The New Hero vol.2 anthology, due from Stoneskin Press in February 2013. It’s a gorgeous piece by Gene Ha, featuring every protagonist from every story in the book, in the style of a classic Japanese woodcut. I have a story in TNH2, and my character can […]

Please help me choose my next book —

It feels like time to write another book, and I’ve got a question for you. I’ve got three projects that I could usefully and quite easily turn into books, and I’m torn between which one to pursue, so I’d like your advice. Which of these would you be interested in reading? Which of these might […]