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Please help me choose my next book —

It feels like time to write another book, and I’ve got a question for you. I’ve got three projects that I could usefully and quite easily turn into books, and I’m torn between which one to pursue, so I’d like your advice. Which of these would you be interested in reading? Which of these might […]

Drop Present —

Almost a year ago I was part of the team that ran BoardGameCamp in London. My contribution to the day was organising a game-design competition sponsored by Cadbury the chocolate people and co-arranged with the good folks at PHD Media. The prize was to have your game-design printed on the back of the 2011 Santa […]

I made a game for GameCamp with Lego —

So we did another GameCamp. Number four in an ongoing series of games-based unconferences, the third with the current management team, and twice the size of the previous one. It feels like an age ago now but in fact it was only a month. It went really well—we relocated to the roomier and more central […]

Hide & Seek & Aliens Among Us —

The third Hide & Seek Weekender is kicking off in a couple of days, and should be fantastic. Three more days of brilliant, gorgeous and eccentric social, street and pervasive games, in and around the South Bank. I’ve been privy to a lot of the plans and preparations—Spaaace has been sharing office-space with Hide & […]

Carry on Camping —

Two years ago the Guardian hosted a most unusual one-day conference, Gamecamp, in east London. It was an exceptional day—I wrote about it here—with a lot of brilliant and fascinating people bringing together some very different experiences and expertise about games and gaming. There was also a pre-release copy of Rock Band, which was good, […]

Naked Stories —

I’m speaking tonight at the Game Makers’ event at the Hub in King’s Cross, doing a 15-minute thing on storytelling and pervasive games. Working title is ‘Naked Stories’. I have a feeling the event is sold out, but fight to get tickets: there’s some fantastic people talking—Minkette, Alex Fleetwood, Holly Gramazio and others. I’ll try […]

Join me in Beds —

Another brief update—hold onto your swearing, I’m preparing a good, fruity rant about the deficiencies of Fallout 3 (if the avatar has a frigging torch then surely it would be a good idea to tell the player instead of letting them run around in the frigging dark? Also, I have had it with games that […]