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Brave n00b World

Roo Reynolds, the man behind Lego is Full of Win, not only videoed my presentation ‘Brave n00b World’ at Interesting 08 but has Done Computers to it and made it available on the internest. Lo!

I was originally going to call it ‘The World of the World of Warcraft’, but the Onion beat me to publication of that particular joke by about eight days. And as I said before, there’s a lot more where this came from.

(Edit: to take advantage of the number of hits this entry is getting, the WoW guild whose credit you can’t quite see  at the end is <unassigned variable>, and we’re a Horde guild on the European server Nordrassil. We are a friends guild, meaning you have to know one of the members in real life before you can join, but we are recruiting. If you know me or someone who recently received one of these postcards or someone who’s done some of this cross-stitching—you may gather that we don’t take this entirely seriously—then drop me a line.)

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  1. bob says:

    That is fantastic!

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  3. William says:

    sorry about the mistake, I’ve corrected it. great talk by the way, loved it.


  4. mac morrison says:

    awesome and makes me slightly less sad i didn’t actually make it on the day!

  5. Adrian Bott says:

    Hi James!

    Is there any chance this could be put on to FileFront or something similar? With all the hits, some people can’t see it any more and it’s coming up ‘unavailable’. I think the servers are giving way under the weight.

  6. Tom Insam says:

    Surely on such a small sphere you’d see significant space-distortion effects as well? Have you tried drawing large triangles and adding the internal angles?

    I think we also need a measurement of the length of the deeprun tram path. If you’re right, and the world is a sphere, the tram could conceivably be cutting through the center of the world! This would have effects on gravity, of course. We should measure gravity at the mid-point of the tram run to see if it’s any weaker.

  7. Bruce Baugh says:

    Great work, James. One appreciates the diligence and all that stuff.

  8. Anton says:

    Very funny and interesting.

    By comparison – IIRC, someone worked out once that the enire world of Ultima Online approximated pretty closely in size to… Disneyworld in Florida.

    Over a decade on, you’d think they’d have given us a bit more to play with :-)

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  11. slowcar says:

    just great. especially the part with the dust :D

  12. Enade says:

    Lol that was good and yes I am one of those silly Azerothians =P And to quote some famous undead guy.,… ROFLMAO!

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