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Release the Baron!

Update on the new edition of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, which is to be released in September:

The first thousand copies of the book will be of the deluxe-format Gentleman’s Edition (black leather-effect cover with gold embossing), suitable for reading, prominent display in your library, and hurling at inattentive pot-boys. The remainder of the print run will be of the Wives’ and Servants’ Edition, having a plain white cover with simple black lettering designed to not over-stimulate the excitable temperaments of domestics and the lower social orders.

There will also be a PDF edition, available exclusively from e23 (a division of Steve Jackson Games) from August 1st. Though ideas for the title of this edition have been plentiful, none has yet hit the mark. Suggestions are welcomed, good ones doubly so, and the best shall receive a copy of the PDF in gratitude.

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  1. Peter Darby says:

    Pixel-stained technopeasant edition
    Serf’s and cannonfodder edition
    Jacobin Edition
    “Saving to Invade Luxembourg” edition
    Pox-ridden doxy’s edition
    Consumption Wracked Poet’s edition.

  2. Spirit’s Ethereal Edition

  3. Stephane says:

    What about the Dead Carrier Pigeon Edition?

  4. Uglifruit says:

    Serf / surf edition.

  5. Uglifruit says:

    Papyrus-free edition.

    Lotus-eater’s edition.

    Belgian’s edition. (But obviously writ in English)

  6. Tim Gray says:

    You’ve probably checked all this out, but I shall observe:
    a) e23 is not a big shifter in the online sales outlet field
    b) Munchausen would find a natural audience at IPR

  7. Peter Darby says:

    ah, I forgot…

    Dilletante edition
    Woven from moonbeams edition.
    Aether Drinker’s Edition.

  8. james says:

    Thanks to all for your suggestions. Nothing that quite hits the infidel on the head, I fear…

    Tim, yes, I’m aware that e23 isn’t one of the biggest fish. On the other hand SJG’s players seem to like humour in their games, which isn’t true of the wider market, and if it wasn’t for Steve Jackson then the new edition of the Baron’s game would never have seen the light of day at all. So giving PDF exclusivity to e23 is a thank-you to him rather than one of my typically astute business decisions.

  9. Tim Gray says:

    That sounds like a fine and praiseworthy decision.

    Mediums’ and Philosophers’ Edition? Ontologists’ Omnibus? Paupers’ and confidence tricksters’ edition?

  10. james says:

    Thanks to you all, but we ended up going with the ‘Difference Engine no.3 edition’, that being the number of the machinery the Baron devised (with the help of some fellow named Gubbage or Scrabble or something) to create the electronic version of his game.

  11. Ryan says:

    James, I’m afraid I’m having a difficult time placing an order for the Gentleman’s Edition. Mongoose publishing has an info page about it, but I can’t seem to do a pre-order or anything. Perhaps I’m just being daft and missing where it is. Could I bother you for a nudge in the right direction?

  12. james says:

    It’s a bit around the houses, but the preorder page is here.

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