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No school like the old skool

For all of us who are sick of smug SXSWers filling the bolognasphere with “I am eating a pankace at an American pankcae palce in Austen in America join me #eatingpankachesinausten” messages… Well, Nolan Bushnell is speaking at BAFTA on Thursday night.

That’s the Nolan Bushnell whose Wikipedia  entry ought to reach out of the screen, grab you by the throat and go “Motherfucking NOLAN BUSHNELL, man! NOLAN BUSHNELL! You don’t know who he is? What’s WRONG with you?”

It’s Nolan Bushnell. He’s not the daddy, he’s the granddaddy. And he’s not in Austin, he’s in central London. You can see him talk for a very reasonable £7.50. Also you get to go into BAFTA, which is frankly a bit ordinary inside and the bar’s lousy expensive, but it means you can wander round the next day going, “Yeah, I was at BAFTA last night… listening to motherfucking NOLAN BUSHNELL.”

(As for SXSW… I may be unfair. We Tell Stories, which I worked on at Six to Start (people may recognise my style in the structure of a couple of the interactive storytelling games), just won the Experimental category of the SXSW Interactive Web Awards, and also the Best in Show award. So not all bad, then.)

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