James Wallis levels with you


  1. bbot says:

    This post was full of spammy keywords when I read it in google reader, leading me to think your wordpress install had been hacked, but when I click through I see that:

    1.) You’re using the latest version of wordpress.
    2.) The spam isn’t in the entry,
    3.) Or its RSS version.

    So I don’t know.

    This is why I use nanoblogger, by the way, derp derp. Can’t have any security holes if there isn’t anything to exploit; short of a remote execution exploit in apache itself.

  2. james says:

    Thanks. I’ve been made aware of the problem and am trying to work out what on earth is going on.

  3. n0wak says:

    Huh, clever. If you use something like to change your User Agent to GoogleBot and load the rss feed, you’ll see them. So yes, you’ve been compromised. But it a subtle, clever way.

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