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Coping Strategies

A few months ago while this Cope was on hack-induced hiatus, Adam Freeland released an album called Cope. You know Adam Freeland: he did ‘Fear is the Mind-Killer’, the background track for area 5 in Rez, which is way up in the top ten of most extraordinary levels of any game.

Anyway Cope was a fine album—’Under Control’ is probably the stand-out track, though ‘Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada’ is also sock-rocking. Freeland’s just released a double-disc of remixes of the album’s tracks, which you can grab for a pittance at the Marine Parade Records site. Worth it just for the donk-tastic remix of ‘Only A Fool (Can Die)’ with guest-spot from Gerard V. Casale of Devo. (Devo-heads should also be watching Yo Gabba Gabba, the 00’s answer to the Banana Splits, in which Mark Mothersbaugh draws things. In fact everybody should watch Yo Gabba Gabba.)

Big post coming soon. Just making sure you’re paying attention.

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  1. YormmUm says:

    he also did We Want Your Soul , which has a classic bit of Bill Hicks in it. Genius.

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