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Today I am smug

The estimable Gareth Hanrahan has observed that it’s possible to wonk the index of RPGs at to give you a list of the top 50 (tabletop) RPGs ever, based on review scores on the site. Not hotlinkable, alas, but easy enough to do.

It turns out that Hogshead Publishing, which I founded and ran, was behind four of the fifty titles on the list, including the #1 game Nobilis. I personally wrote #47, which isn’t bad considering that a lot of people don’t believe it’s actually an RPG.

Hogshead only ever published eight RPGs, the last in 2002.

I am going to be unbearably smug about this for the rest of the afternoon.

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  1. Pete Darby says:

    Don’t worry, the requisite bitchfest has already started, let me paraphrase:

    waah, waah, not a proper rpg, waah, indie kids posing, waah, no-one actually plays them, waah, where’s GURPS?

    Though the absence of any D&D apart from the Rules Cyclopedia is enlightening: presumably each new edition has got enough “H8R” reviews to drop the average.

  2. John Scott Tynes says:

    I consult the same list anytime I need a good smugging. We did good work.

  3. admin says:

    We did. I believe we still do, though it’s harder to be objective about that.

  4. Pope Guilty says:

    The Angel RPG beat Wraith? Oh, my head!

  5. John Fiala says:

    And now it’s a meme, where you paste the link into your blog and bold the ones you own.

    And may I say, the hardback Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a beautiful tome.

    • admin says:

      Thank you! I’m still very pleased with the way the revised Munchausen came out–there are a couple of errors that leap out at me every time I open it, but generally it’s one of the books that I’m happiest with.

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