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Carry on Camping

Two years ago the Guardian hosted a most unusual one-day conference, Gamecamp, in east London. It was an exceptional day—I wrote about it here—with a lot of brilliant and fascinating people bringing together some very different experiences and expertise about games and gaming. There was also a pre-release copy of Rock Band, which was good, and a lack of beer, which wasn’t.

Gamecamp 2 has been formally announced for 8th May 2010, and as with the last event the tickets are free but limited. This time it isn’t being organised by the Guardian, it’s being organised by… well, me. As part of a team featuring the absurdly talented Katy Lindemann, Mark Simpkins, Rachel Clarke, Rain Ashford and Phillip Trippenbach, I hasten to add.

Gamecamp is organised on the *camp model, meaning it won’t have keynotes or invited speakers. But it has an exceptional venue (eBay/Paypal’s wonderful UK headquarters on the banks of the Thames in Richmond), a couple of great sponsors, and some confirmed attendee names that have already caused broad smiles and a spontaneous outbreak of OMG OMGs among the committee.

If you want to attend then the first tranche of tickets will be released at noon on Friday 12th March. There are only 150 tickets total. They will go very quickly.

For more information see the Gamecamp website; for the breakingest news follow Gamecamp on Twitter.

(We are still looking for sponsors. If you’re in a position to offer us some funds to cover the cost of, say, lunch and thereby earning the love and admiration of an important sector of the British games community then please drop me or anyone else on the committee a line.)

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