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Kidnapped by Ninjas

‘Kidnapped by Ninjas’ is a new video podcast about games—mostly but not completely video games—put together by a games designer, a games developer and a games modder. The modder is wunderkind Harry Hughes; the developer is Cat Burton of Mind Candy, and you won’t be surprised to hear who the games designer is.

Episode 1 has dropped (watch here; other download sites coming shortly) and we’re talking mostly about Blur, the driving game from Bizarre Creations that comes on like Project Gotham Racing with Mario Kart power-ups, as well as Grand Theft Horsey… er, Red Dead Redemption. We also talk review systems, who exactly has been kidnapped by ninjas, and drop a minor exclusive about the revision of a 90s gaming classic.

It’s 16 minutes. Future episodes will likely be a bit longer and a bit smoother, and we will fix Cat’s lapel-mike, and I will have a haircut and stop looking at Harry as if I’m about to eat him.

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