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I need your help. One of my designs has been shortlisted in a competition run by Cadburys the confectionary giant for what they call a ‘pocket game’. The first prize is £3000 ($4500) and more interestingly, thousands of copies of the winning game being given away to the public. The next round of voting is a public vote, and I need yours.

My entry is called ‘Flick Racer’ and it’s about flicking car-counters around a chalk-drawn track. It’s Subbuteo meets Scalextric, or (if you know your games) Carrom meets Formula De, or Carabande with a complete rules overhaul, made small enough to fit in an Altoids tin.

‘Flick Racer’™ was submitted under the pseudonym ‘Martin Adams/Hypergame’, because there are eleven judges for the first round of the competition and five of them know me. But now the shortlist has been announced and it’s a public vote there’s no more need for anonymity. There is, however, an enormous need for your vote.

The voting site is here. You will have to register to vote, or log in using Facebook Connect.

Many thanks.

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  1. Myles Corcoran says:

    Looks good, but neither Facebook Connect nor the local registration seem to be working currently. Curses!

  2. Myles Corcoran says:

    Managed to get in by resorting to Internet Explorer. Sigh.

    Duly voted!

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