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GameCamp presents BoardGameCamp

Mark your diaries: Saturday 9th October is BoardGameCamp, part of the London Games Festival, brought to you by the same people who were behind GameCamp back in April, in the same place. We’ll be playing games old and new, hosting discussion sessions and seminars on all types of tabletop games, and even running a competition for teams to concept, design, build and playtest a game in six hours… with some truly awesome prizes.

More to follow, but the first tranche of tickets will go on sale on Friday (£10 including lunch). Last time we accidentally put them all online at once and they still sold out in half an hour, so don’t hang around.

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  1. Can’t make it, but I have boosted the signal and can hope to get interesting people to go and tell me about it. (Admittedly this didn’t work when I tried it last time, but it’s still worth trying.)

    Very glad it’s happening, in any case!

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