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The inference of conference

I’m speaking at two conferences later this month.

First up is ‘Think Design Play’, the 5th DIGRA (Digital Games Research Association) conference, which will be in Hilversum in the Netherlands, 14-17th September. I’m on a panel with Reiner Knizia and other good people, talking about ‘Modern Board Games and Why Game Studies Should Care’. It’s immediately after Reiner’s keynote, so with any luck he’ll be a bit tired and the rest of us won’t be completely overshadowed by his awesomeness.

Then two weeks later I’m speaking at Stagconf (Storytelling and Games Conference) in Vienna, alongside a real star roster including Rich Dansky, Alexis Kennedy, Margaret Robertson, Rich Dansky and Stephane Bura. I am really excited about this. I’ll probably be talking about emergent story and how to make NPCs do improv drama, but if things go according to plan I’ll also be making an announcement which has been a long time coming. No clues. More about it if it happens.

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