James Wallis levels with you

Business card RPG let me down. I ordered some new business cards for DiGRA 2011 and they didn’t reach me until after I left for the conference.

Luckily I have stocks of an A4 card that punches out into ten business cards per sheet. I use it for prototyping card-games. So homebrewing some cards wasn’t a problem. But I also have this tradition that whenever I do a new run of a business card, I put a game on the back, and it’s always a different game. So I needed a new game in a hurry.

(This is an idea I borrowed from James Ernest of Cheapass Games, whose cards had games on them about ten years ago. His business-card games always involved things you’d have in your pockets. Mine go one step further: the only components of my back-of-business-card games are business cards.)

So what kind of a game can I whip up in under an hour and fit on the back of a business card? A role-playing game, obviously. It’s called Here On Business, it’s set at a conference, and it’s designed to play out in 30-60 minutes.

I admit I had to resort to 6-point type, and it’s pretty freeform, but it works decently well. Let me know what you reckon, and whether I should do a separate run of cards with a skill and combat system on it.


Or you can download it as a PDF.

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