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Almost a year ago I was part of the team that ran BoardGameCamp in London. My contribution to the day was organising a game-design competition sponsored by Cadbury the chocolate people and co-arranged with the good folks at PHD Media.

The prize was to have your game-design printed on the back of the 2011 Santa Selection Box, a boxed set of favourite Cadbury products that’s released every year in time for Christmas. Cadbury puts out about six million of these boxes. Yes, six million. For comparison, the original Halo has sold about 6.4 million.

The winner was Present Drop, a clever tile-placing game for 2-4 players with some nice Eurogame overtones, simple enough for kids to understand but with enough strategy to be interesting for real games-players too. It was designed by Matt Green and Kevan Davis. You know Kevan. He did Urban Dead and Chore Wars.

A year on, and the selection box with the game on it is in UK shops. At Tesco it costs £1.50, which gets you about £3-worth of chocolate, a spiffy game and a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well. Which is, you have to admit, a heck of a deal.

So show Kevan and Matt (and Cadbury and Make-A-Wish) some support and pick one up when you’re doing the shopping. Or pick up several and give them to your friends. I’m your friend, aren’t I?

(More about Present Drop here.)

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  1. Matt says:

    You only have until tomorrow to get them at the reduced price. It’s worth noting that tiles from two or more sets of Present Drop! can be combined to increase the fun. All the more reason to buy several boxes.

  2. John H says:

    I got a couple of boxes, and tried a few two-player games. Combining two sets of tiles definitely improves the game. When playing two-player, it’s good to have two target chimneys each, as suggested.

    One variant idea we had was for each player to have their own full stack of tiles, guaranteeing that everyone gets to place the same tiles over the course of the game… Haven’t tried it but it seems solid.

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