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No! Don’t go!

This is still Cope, but Cope in transition, courtesy of a deeply annoying hack and some amazing reconstruction-work by a WordPress surgeon who, if you ever need a WordPress surgeon, I will joyously recommend to you. We’re working out of a default theme while I rethink a few things, but there’s some bits of news that won’t wait until the polish has been applied.

Firstly there’s GameCamp 5, the now-nigh-legendary Unconference, which is going down on May 12th at London South Bank University. As I write there are six tickets left in the second tranche, which is unsurprising because at £15 for the day including an amazing Italian lunch, it makes snips look overpriced. The final tranche goes live at 11am on Wednesday 25th April, and the best way to get a reminder of that is to follow @gamecamp on Twitter.

Secondly, two days after that on 14th May I’m talking at Geeky on the subject of ‘Writing a book in a week’. The answer, you may be surprised to hear, does not involve short books, but will tip various hats to Moorcock, Fanthorpe and my one-time writing partner Carl Sargent, before discussing the recent work of the Paige Turner Project (prop. J Wallis) and my so-far untested method for writing a 50,000-word novel in an hour.

Thirdly, the estimable Pandemonium Fiction has just released Pandemonium: Stories of the Smoke, its anthology of Dickens-themed SF/F, set in a wide variety of possible and impossible Londons. Familiar names to watch out for here include Alexis Kennedy the creator of Echo Bazaar, my Black Library colleague Jonathan Green, Rebecca Levene, and myself. Faced with an anthology about Dickens, I naturally wrote a story about Shakespeare. If you need to ask why, you don’t know me very well. But it’s a cracking book and I commend it to you.

Next entry: we will probably speak of riddles.

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