James Wallis levels with you


If you enter the location of an event as ‘TBA’ in Google Calendar, the system will offer you a map to it. Clicking on the link—which of course you would, or at least of course I did—reveals an entirely blank plan of Tabibuga station, Papua New Guinea.

I know nothing about Tabibuga, but as far as I can glean from the internest it’s a ranger-station with an airstrip and is close to a place called Minj. Now I am filled with a strange desire to organise a massive party there. Who’s in?

(To spoil the fun, there is a logical reason why TBA resolves as Tabibuga station. See if you can work it out without googling.)

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  1. Nick Wedig says:

    Airports use three letter codes as identification, and Google Maps recognizes these codes so people can just enter “LAX” when they want directions to Los Angeles’s airport. “TBA” is a reasonable condesnation of “Tabibuga”, which as you note has an airstrip. Duh.

  2. james says:

    After a response like that, I figure “duh” translates as “congratulations for having a life”.

  3. Pete Darby says:





  4. Fang Langford says:

    I’m in!

    Can you get Matt Howarth to bring Ron and Russ? Oh and Big C, I’ve got a bone to pick with him.


  5. james says:

    Minj jokes are impossible to resist, like boggling every time one sees a poster for the movie The Last Mimzy, which at first I thought was a belated companion-piece to The Last Man On Earth.

    Matt Howarth… man, that’s a story. I haven’t spoken to Matt since 1996, when he phoned me to say he was taking the rights to the Bugtown RPG back to Phage Press, the company that released two books in fourteen years—not two Bugtown books, two books total. The short version of the story is that my dealings with Howarth and Wujcik (and also with a couple of major distributors) were the inspiration for Hogshead’s business motto, which appeared on our letterheads and business cards: “Brevior vita est quam pro futumentibus negotiam agendo”

    …”Life is too short to do business with fuckwits.”

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