James Wallis levels with you

Hey kids, comics!

With great regret I am selling off my comics collection, prior to moving house. I loved this stuff but it’s spent the last ten years under the bed not being looked at.

We are talking about three full boxes of comics, measuring almost two metres. Probably not far off a thousand actual comics. High points: lots of Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Cerebus, Peter Bagge, Jim Woodring (lots of early Jim Woodring), Fantagraphics, Eclipse Comics, weird little b/w indies and art-comics like the Drawn & Quarterly anthologies, some silver/bronze-age oddities. Not a lot of superheroes, basically no Marvel apart from stuff like the Bill & Ted comic by Evan Dorkin (not the movie adaption—though he did that too—but all-new Bill & Ted material by the writer/artist of Milk & Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad. Which I’m also selling quite a lot of).

Very little rubbish–apart from a small section labelled ‘worst comics in the world ever’, which I briefly collected. I just discovered that one of them, Neutro, is worth $50 these days. That’s not included in this set.

No, there is no Sandman. Yes, there is every issue (I think) of Reid Fleming: World’s Toughest Milkman and the indescribably awesome Tales of the Beanworld (Actually there is some Sandman, but not much.)

It’s a complete grab-bag of curiosity. There may be some stuff of actual £££ value in here but frankly who knows.

I will take literally the best offer I get. If that’s £5, that’s £5. And you collect or arrange for shipping.

Key points:

I’m not going to spend a complete day making a complete list of everything. If you want to know if I’ve got any specific titles then ping me and I’ll tell you. But no cherry-picking: one person will get the whole collection. This is an exercise in house-clearance, not maximising the value of this thing.

This collection is not suitable for children. Some of it isn’t suitable for teenagers. A few of the books aren’t suitable for anybody.

Most of the comics are bagged. Some of the unbagged ones are  slightly yellowed. General condition is very good–near mint.

Bear in mind that in the late 80s and early 90s I did a lot of comics reviewing and interviewing for the comics magazines of the day (Speakeasy, Fantasy Advertiser, et al). Comics as a medium for art and creative storytelling was a subject I took seriously, and this collection reflects that.

If you’ve got any questions, stick them in the comments. If you’ve got any bids, stick them in the comments too.

I will take the best bid  received by 6pm on Friday 10th August. You have to arrange collection of the comics from Clapham by 14th August at the latest.

If you win, be gentle with them. Lots of good memories here, and I’d like them to go to a good home.

 Update: £60  is bid, lads and gentledames.

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  1. Jared says:

    First comics? Nexus, Badger, et al.? Do you happen to remember which titles?

  2. Dermot says:

    Hi James, how many individual comics do you think there are in total? Any graphic novels or are they all separate issues?

    • James Wallis says:

      I’d guess maybe a thousand comics? Possibly a bit less. These are basically just comics, although some of them are perfect-bound and quite thick, like the awesome A1 anthologies from the early 90s (Moore, Sienkiewicz, Disraeli, Gibbons, Windsor-Smith et al).

      • Dermot says:

        Wow – quite a few then. (thinks about clearing some loft space).
        Yeah I remember A1, still have some myself I think – excellent collections. Any 2000AD (and related spin offs)?

        I’ll give it some thought and send you a bid. Good luck!

        • James Wallis says:

          Alas my 2000ADs (and Warriors) were destroyed when our study ceiling collapsed three years ago. Apart from Love & Rockets, Drawn & Quarterly and Jim, these are all comics-sized comics.

          A bid would be fantastic. If the collection doesn’t sell, it’s going to the tip.

  3. Mink says:

    Long shot, but do you have The Time Tunnel? It was a TV show in the 60s and my Dad has always regretted making collages from his comic books of the show.

    • James Wallis says:

      No Time Tunnel, but I do have an issue of Brides in Love from 1961.

      • Mink says:

        Two out of three of the words in that title make me think he wouldn’t have been into those comics.

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