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Klub Londinium: not the Mystic Walk

On Friday last week Kevan Davis and I met in Regents Park and did—simultaneously and not as it’s supposed to be done—the Klub Londinium ‘Mystic’ walk. It was a lovely evening, the temperature and mood were just right, and the experience was transfigurative. I’m still in the process of mustering my thoughts and forcing them into digital form. Shortly.

In the meantime my old friend and comrade-in-arms Mr Cardhouse (we have met once, six years ago) has posted his experience of the Jejeune Institute ARG. It is considerable. Also excellent, because Cardhouse is very high on my list of ‘If you didn’t write like you, who would you like to write like?’ people on the internet, and though not a games guy in the usual sense he gets it. (He was one of the guys behind X/Worship the X, which was part of the early-90s flowering of simply amazing US music/culture zines that also produced Greed (Kurt Sayenga, where are you now?) and Might (ed. one Dave Eggars) and slightly later Raygun. You should know X if only for Evan Dorkin’s amazing two-page comic-strip retelling of Catcher in the Rye illustrated entirely with drawings of Fisher-Price Little People. Yes you should.)

(Fuck me, twenty years ago. Much like Klub Londinium. Was there something in the water?)

Anyway, Cardhouse has caught the lightning-in-a-bottle sensation of being in an ARG experience: the information overload, data coming to you in the wrong order, sometimes weeks or months late, the other people, and the amazing confusion and weirdness and joy of it all. I commend it to you.

Back to it.

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