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Once Upon a Time – the movie

How do you make a film based on a card-game? Not even Hasbro has tried it yet, but in the late 1990s I received a mysterious videotape in the post from Australia. A young film-maker called Andrew Shellshear had sent me a copy of his first half-hour movie. It was titled ‘Once Upon a Time’ and it was based on the card-game that I’d created with Andrew Rilstone and Richard Lambert.

To celebrate the release of the third edition of Once Upon a Time, which should be arriving in shops as you read this, I’ve finally persuaded Andrew to put the whole film up on YouTube for your delectation. Here it is.

Be warned that the language is not safe for work and specially not safe for children. But it’s a fun way to spend half an hour, and remarkably faithful to the original game. In a future post I’ll be talking to Andrew about how he created the multi-layered narrative and why he chose to write a script based on a card-game in the first place. For now, settle down and enjoy the movie.

(If you want to see more of the new edition of Once Upon a Time, Andrew Rilstone has published a series of unboxing pictures at his blog. It is very nice. If you want to see how it plays, I’ll be demonstrating it at Dragonmeet on 1st December.)



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