James Wallis levels with you

Alas and alack

Just wanted to share something I’ll be talking up at Dragonmeet this Saturday:

Artwork by Niki Hunter. ‘Godfather of indie game design’ quote from Robin D. Laws, who will also be at Dragonmeet.

(Should you be at Dragonmeet too, I’ll be running demonstration games of the new edition of Once Upon a Time in the lobby from noon until someone tells me to stop. Then at 16.30 I’ll be chairing a panel on ‘The British RPG Industry—Where It Came From, Where It’s Going’ with the help of Phil Masters, Simon Rogers, Dom McDowall-Thompson and Piers Newman. It should be a good one.)

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  1. m'issa says:

    Heyo! I was really excited to get the 3rd edition of Once Upon a Time in the mail yesterday. It was, as I remembered from college, an entirely enjoyable way to pass the evening. However, I got it to play with the teens that come to my library and, in my area of New Orleans, the teens are primarily African American. I couldn’t find a single person of color during any of the three rounds we played. I was excited that gender norms were being adressed (girls with swords, the instructions using ‘she’ as the universal pronoun), but I don’t want to reinforce the backdrop idea that’s already ubiquitous in their world, i.e., that everything legitimate or fun for intelligent people is geared toward white folks and their idealized cultural context. It’s a depressing scenario and one that I am hoping you may reconsider if you choose to expand the deck. Again, I was delighted to play the game, it was just dissapointing to realize I can’t use it in the context I was hoping to without reinforcing some of the most negative cultural ideas challenging folks of color at this point. Thanks for giving it your thought…

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