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Mr D. Hon has already done the honours on this one, but since I booked the pub I feel I should also publicise it a bit: the third monthly London Gamer Geeks pubmeet will happen on 20th June (Wednesday), 6.30pm, downstairs in the College Arms on Store Street WC1. The focus is mostly but not entirely talking about the kind of video-games that make sales people break out in a rash. Sometimes we also talk about other types of games. The most-played game last month was pool, though Lee did get me into a head-to-head battle on the Pokemon match-three-tiles title whose name escapes me, and gave me a predictable thrashing. Anyway, it’s a good laugh.

On a not entirely dissimilar note, spurred by a blog post by Mr A. Hon a while back, I have fulfilled a long-promised pledge and mapped out a fifteen-hole frisbee golf course for Clapham Common. (The main similarity with the games night is that it ends up in the pub.) There’s more information on my Flickr page if you want to try it for yourself—yes, hole 9 does go through the bandstand—or if you fancy a get-together for an informal tournament then give me a shout and we’ll arrange a time.

Not much about storytelling in games or stirring players’ emotions this time, I’m afraid. Too busy thinking about cricket.

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