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Alas Vegas tarot cards—a first look

Here are the first four images that John Coulthart has created for the Alas Vegas tarot.

For some reason Kickstarter isn’t letting me insert images directly into my update posts, so I’m posting these here mostly so I can embed a link to them.

They’re all still works in progress. In particular we’re still discussing borders and typography. But this gives you a good idea of how the end results will look. I am a very pleased and excited man.

The Magician:


The High Priestess: 


The Empress:


The Wheel of Fortune:10

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  1. Love these – contemporary Tarot with a gambling edge.. Will the finished ones be in color? Steve

    • James Wallis says:

      The artwork in the Alas Vegas rulebook will be in b/w like these; but if we get an actual tarot deck together then they’ll be coloured for that.

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