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Baron Munchausen rides again

Lock up your wine cellars! The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen is back in print, thanks to the good works of the Mayan god Chaahk and his representatives in the home counties, Lightning Source print-on-demand.

This is a reprint of the second-edition paperback, the so-called ‘Wives and Servants’ edition originally released in 2008, with a couple of typos fixed and a new ISBN. Copies of that and the first edition were selling for ludicrous prices on Amazon (seriously, $300+ wtf) and when an international media figure told me he couldn’t afford to buy the book I figured it was time to do something. The reprint is on sale at many online bookshops but I recommend the Book Depository: the price is decent, they ship all over the world, and I make slightly more per sale there than from Amazon and elsewhere. Cover price is £11.99/€13.99/$17.99.

Baron Munchausen 2e cover(The 2008 edition was released in three versions: the limited-edition hardback Gentleman’s Edition; the softcover Wives’ and Servants’ Edition; and the Difference Engine number 3 digital edition. They are almost identical, except for a salacious illustration in the hardback which does not appear in the cheaper versions, lest it corrupt and deprave any of the more sensitive genders or the lower orders who might glimpse it.)

Because it’s print on demand I’m not offering this to regular games distributors: the margins don’t make it possible. However if you’re a retailer who’d like to order some copies then get in touch and we’ll work something out.

Work continues on the third edition of Baron Munchausen’s immortal game, with new material co-written with Alexandr Munchausen, a descendent of the Baron who by an extraordinary coincidence I met at Spiel 2012—a story which you will doubtless hear more in the coming months. Publication: sometime after Alas Vegas. Which I haven’t forgotten.

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  1. I am very proud indeed of my gentleman’s edition. Even though I’m very much struggling for money these days, and it was going for silly money on ebay, I just couldn’t bring myself to part with it…

    • James Wallis says:

      I’ve no idea what the hardbacks sell for on the open market—there were only 1000 of them and for some reason that I still can’t understand Mongoose made them the same price as the paperbacks. I’ve sold a couple at charity auctions for exceedingly generous figures (one went at Warpcon for €350 earlier this year, with an enormous dedication from the Baron). Not sure yet whether there’ll be a deluxe release of the third edition—watch this space.

  2. Tip for international orders via book depository: the website cannot handle umlauts in the billing address section.

  3. Andy B says:

    Great news!

    However, “international media figure” struggling to buy a book sounds like the beginning of a tall tale to me. Rupert Murdoch? Kerry Katona?

  4. cyndy says:

    nice, the new edition looks good

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