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Games on Business Cards, part 2

I just ran out of business cards.

This is hardly earth-shaking news, I know, but I have a tradition that whenever I print a new set of business cards I put something new on the back. It’s always a game, it’s always about business cards and—obviously—it has to be small enough to fit on the back of a standard 85 x 55 card.

This is the kind of thing I do for fun.

The new game is called ‘Fill My Position’ and it’s based on a variant of the core mechanic of the Book Game, better known these days as Apples to Apples. The key difference is that there’s no hidden cards in play, and I’ve also built in a role-playing element and a borrow from the classic TV show ‘Blind Date’. In 150 words. Here it is:A game on the back of a business card, by James Wallis

‘Fill My Position’ replaces ‘Here On Business’, the game on my last run of cards. HOB is an actual RPG stripped back to its bare essence, playable in half an hour, and you can see it here.

I’m always amazed that more games designers, writers, poets, artists and other creatives don’t do this, putting examples of their work on their business cards. It’s a portable portfolio, a piece of you in your potential client’s pocket, a literal calling card.

Go on. Have a go.

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