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August Meeting for August People

The London Gamer Geeks meeting for August will be on Wednesday 29th inst*. Once again we’re downstairs at the College Arms on Store Street, from 6.30 onwards, talking about all aspects of games from obscure video-game stuff to equally obscure tabletop stuff, and drinking.

If Dan Hon and I get a chance we’ll be running a revised and restructured games quiz, with cool prizes from fantastic sponsors if we can find any fantastic sponsors (and last month’s prize, a limited-edition copy of Guild Wars, is back in the pot after none of the winning team admitted to owning a Windows PC that could run it).

Assuming that my wife isn’t in labour that evening, I will be running the first playtest of a card-game I’ve been kicking around—just a proof-of-concept playtest, not the ready-for-primetime stuff. But I think it’ll be pretty fun.

And if I get a chance to talk to the landlord in advance I’ll see if we can get access to the big TV for the purposes of connecting consoles and laptops to it. Because, you know, some people still haven’t played Samba De Amigo, the Bioshock demo really has to be seen to be believed, and did you know there was an interactive movie based on the iconic characters from D&D3e?

(* The LGG night has abandoned its early ABCD scheduling—Accidentally Be Clashing with Dorkbot—and has now moved to the last Wednesday of the month. Mark it in your diary.)

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