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Mountain Endings

MountainI am compiling a list of all the ways that a game of Mountain, the almost-a-game “ambient procedural mountain simulator” by David OReilly, can end:

‘You were killed by the Blood Pyramid’

‘You are ruined by a passing giant sun’

‘The Taker of Souls took yours’

Uh oh

Uh oh

‘You were killed by a xyzzyx’ (triggered by playing the Close Encounters theme: as,zb. Not sure if that’s repeatable.)

More to follow. Got any?

(I recommend playing Mountain with the Billow Observatory album looping in the background.)

Addendum: Alice pointed me at the RPS playthrough that was ‘killed by the Eye of Blindness’.

Addendum: ‘You are granted death by the eye of annihilation’, from ukslim in the comments. Another one triggered by playing the Close Encounters theme.

Addendum: The Eye of Love Unrequited. Bastard. It seems you can prolong the life of your mountain, though not indefinitely, if you zoom right out until you find the orbiting bed, and position the camera very close to it. This is a single data-point so far, but I continue to test. Also, I’ve not yet seen anyone comment on the fact that the mountain does not rotate in a consistent direction when you reload. Sometimes it goes backwards.

Addendum: A giant ice cream

'You have been killed by a giant ice cream'

‘You have been killed by a giant ice cream’

There’s an epitaph.

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  1. Best comment from that RPS article:

    “A start-to-crate of almost 5 and a half hours? That alone makes Mountain objectively GOTY.”

  2. ukslim says:

    “You are granted death by the eye of annihilation”. Possibly triggered by playing the Close Encounters tune.

  3. Zoë says:

    I just turned Mountain on for the relaxing sounds to go to sleep to. My little earth was hit by a meteor with horrible doom like music. Then it said “The Taker of souls took yours” then it said “retry”. I googled taker of souls and I found that it is also an Evil Dead reference. The taker of souls is the most powerful evil force. I am kind of shaken up by this. This was always a peaceful and enlightening game to me and this just happened. I’ve been very sad lately. This kinda of weirded me out. Even in my beautiful mountain game everything can come crashing down. Such as life the world is a cruel cruel place/

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