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Cork Board Game Design Workshop

I’m a special guest at Warpcon XXV at University College, Cork at the end of January (23rd-25th). I’ll be running a mix of Paranoia and Once Upon a Time playtests and probably some new Baron Munchausen material too, but I’ll also be hosting a session of my Board Game Design Workshop.

The Workshop is a three-hour yomp through the principles and practice of game design. It starts with a brief introduction to how games work and ends with everyone clutching a brand-new, complete, playable and playtested game that they’ve created. It is huge fun, a mix of creative and collaborative design and play, and anyone can take part, from complete novices to experienced game-makers.

I have run this event more times than I can remember over the last seven years, most recently as a fundraiser for the London board-game cafe Draughts, but this is the first time it’s happened in Ireland.

I don’t yet know when or where it’ll be happening. I do know that there’s a small fee to cover costs and materials, probably about €10 per person. If you’re at all interested then please email me or the convention organisers to ask for more information.

Warpcon is always a great weekend and I hope to see you there.


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