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Quiz? Ego!

Short notice, I know, but tonight (Wednesday) the London Gamer Geeks are hosting a games quiz as part of the London Games Festival, with a host of exciting prizes and cake. We’re at our regular meeting place, downstairs at the College Arms on Store Street, and proceedings will probably kick off around 7.30 though you should aim to get there earlier if you want a table. Teams of four, eight rounds of questions, bring your big brains because some of them are toughies.

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  1. Tonnvane says:

    Gah, I had bought tickets to see a show about two months before this and it wasn’t really possible to make it.

    I’d really like to help you play test your new game … is there another time that migt work? Because NEXT games night my uncle is visiting me …

  2. james says:

    The quiz went extremely well–it was mostly about video games, though there was an Old Skool round with questions about the age of the oldest dice ever discovered, and how many hex-tiles in a Settlers of Catan board, and suchlike.

    The next LGG is the end of next month, though I really need to get the game into playtest before then. If it looks like a session is coming together I’ll let you know.

  3. By “Some of them are toughies”, did you mean “All of them”? ;)

  4. james says:

    They weren’t all murderously hard. There was even a thank-you-for-turning-up-here’s-a-point question (“What is the name of your avatar in the Tomb Raider games?”) But we were expecting an industry crowd, so we knew we had to raise things a couple of notches above the normal.

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