James Wallis levels with you

Shatner plays Horde!

These two Blizzard commercials are all over the blogosphere and, no doubt, US TV channels as well. They’re your basic celebrity endorsement.

SFX: OMG OMG here comes the n00bs endless September all over again.

No, I don’t think so. Are these commercials to bring new people to World of Warcraft, or to get existing players to hang around? My money’s on the latter. Me and my Tauren are chuffed as heck that William Shatner plays a bull shammy, or at least claims he does in an amusing 30-second film, and we are pretty sure that he could not only kick Mr T’s arse but snog his tiger as well. And get XP for it.

Considering the embarrassment that many previous games commercials have been (Magic the Gathering anyone?)… nice job, Blizzard.

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