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Award of Court

I bang on about awards perhaps too much on this blog, but it’s not often I’m up for one. Or at least the excellent Second Person (ed. Harrigan and Wardrip-Fruin, MIT Press 2007), a book to which I contributed two pieces, is up for the Best Book gong in the Game Developer Frontline awards.

As the name suggests these are awarded by Game Developer magazine, and are a real set of industry shout-outs. No ‘Game of the Year’ here: instead the six categories are Engine, Book, Middleware, Programming/Production, Art and Audio. This means the people voting on the awards will be professionals who actually know something about the field, not the usual crew of twelve-year-olds who really like Halo and don’t see why it’s not eligible for best puzzle game, or the usual crew of industry old hands who really like their EA pensions and don’t see why EA isn’t eligible for best newcomer. In short, it’s an award that means something.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a Christmas present for a gaming mate who thinks hard about games and tends towards narrativism rather than ludology, you could do a lot worse than Second Person. And no, I’m not getting any royalties.

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