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Klub Londinium: not the Mystic Walk —

On Friday last week Kevan Davis and I met in Regents Park and did—simultaneously and not as it’s supposed to be done—the Klub Londinium ‘Mystic’ walk. It was a lovely evening, the temperature and mood were just right, and the experience was transfigurative. I’m still in the process of mustering my thoughts and forcing them […]

GameCamp —

Saturday was GameCamp, a one-day cross-disciplinary games conference in east London organised by the Guardian. Trust a broadsheet newspaper to fundamentally misunderstand what people do on a bank-holiday weekend. Anyway, 120 people invaded Sony’s 3Rooms venue in Shoreditch, and I forced my shiny new business card onto as many of them as possible. I have […]

Let’s Change the Game —

A couple of days later than the promised 1st October—I’ve been busy with funerals and the like—I can finally break the second part of my ARG-related news. Adrian Hon, my colleague at Six to Start, has been working with Cancer Research UK, and has launched a competition to design and run an ARG (‘alternate-reality game‘ […]

La Règle du Jeu —

I finally played Puerto Rico, Andreas Seyfarth’s award-winning boardgame from 2002, over the weekend. I’ve had it sitting on my games shelf for well over a year, but for some reason I’d forgotten I’d never got around to giving it a try. On Saturday evening I was forcibly reminded of that reason. It wasn’t the […]

Cubik 22: right in motion —

According to a phonecall this afternoon, now confirmed by the Perplex City website, the Receda Cube has been found and a Perplex City player is now £100,000 richer. Which explains what I was doing in the conference room of Bradford City FC today giving a PowerPoint presentation about ARGs which had Dan Hon (COO of Mind […]