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Blow your own —

The nominations for this year’s Origins Awards are out. Once again the system’s been changed: this year, instead of nominees, there are ‘semi-finalists’, ten to a category. Gratifyingly, in the non-fiction publication group I have pieces in three of the semi-finalists: 40 Years of Gen Con (Atlas Games); Hobby Games: the 100 Best (Green Ronin); […]

Award of Court —

I bang on about awards perhaps too much on this blog, but it’s not often I’m up for one. Or at least the excellent Second Person (ed. Harrigan and Wardrip-Fruin, MIT Press 2007), a book to which I contributed two pieces, is up for the Best Book gong in the Game Developer Frontline awards. As […]

What if they gave an award and nobody came? —

The BAFTA nominations for the 2007 Video Games Awards came out on 25th September (I know I’m behind the times, my father died the next day, sue me). And frankly, what in the holy name of living crap is going on? The list’s here. Go and have a look at it. Anything strike you as […]

Gen 'n' Tonic —

Gen Con Indianapolis starts today, being Thursday, which means I can finally talk about three things. For those who don’t know Gen Con it’s the largest public games event in the English-speaking world, attracting more than 25,000 people to the four days of its show. I am not there this year, partly because my wife […]

Diana Jones Award 2007: short shortlist announced —

London, 27th June—After much debate the shortlist for the seventh annual Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming, covering the year 2006, has been announced. The Diana Jones Award is given to whatever the Diana Jones Committee believes has best demonstrated ‘excellence in gaming’ in the previous year. This year the committee has shortlisted three […]

Michelin Web —

Since the days of yore video-game magazines have given games a numerical rating. Often it’s out of ten or out of one hundred. Sometimes it has cute star-based systems and breaks things down by different categories. Whatever the system, they all suck. Back when I was editing Crazynet we picked up a reviewing system from […]

Original Sin —

The Origins Awards nominees were announced today. Needless to say there’s nothing about it on the Origins Awards website—the Origins convention is affiliated with GAMA, the Game Manufacturers Association, whose website was at one time encouraging people to register for the Origins show that had taken place eighteen months earlier. As it is, the website […]

I'm in 'Hobby Games: The 100 Best' —

…because I’ve written one of the pieces for it. What did you think I meant? Anyway, here’s the press release: GREEN RONIN TO PUBLISH HOBBY GAMES: THE 100 BEST Essay Anthology to Feature All-Star Line Up March 21, 2007—SEATTLE, WA: What are the best hobby games of the past 60 years? Green Ronin Publishing and award-winning author and editor James […]

Gathering nuts in May —

The world is full of bullshit awards. In a few days we’ve got the Oscars, where an Academy dominated by retired actors will vote for films in which other actors get to showcase their acting, and scripts and directors that showcase acting, and people will call foul because these films, these scripts, these directors and […]

Diana Jones Award —

Nominations are now open for the 2007 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming. I set up the DJA in 2000, mostly out of frustration with the Origins Awards, which at the time were the premier awards in the hobby-games field and which were horribly broken. (They are no longer the premier hobby-game awards, having been eclipsed by the Ennies, but are still horribly broken.) Whereas the Ennies are populist, with multiple winners chosen by votes from […]