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Good things in small packages —

At Tabletop Day last weekend I picked up a copy of Love Letter by Seiji Kanai, from AEG. If you don’t know it, it’s a lovely little game: just sixteen cards. It’s padded with some tokens and some reference cards, and it comes in an embroidered velvet bag, but it’s basically sixteen cards. Needless to […]

Drop Present —

Almost a year ago I was part of the team that ran BoardGameCamp in London. My contribution to the day was organising a game-design competition sponsored by Cadbury the chocolate people and co-arranged with the good folks at PHD Media. The prize was to have your game-design printed on the back of the 2011 Santa […]

Pocket Games —

I need your help. One of my designs has been shortlisted in a competition run by Cadburys the confectionary giant for what they call a ‘pocket game’. The first prize is £3000 ($4500) and more interestingly, thousands of copies of the winning game being given away to the public. The next round of voting is […]