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Munchausen by proxy server —

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (the Difference Engine no.3 edition) is now available for download exclusively from e23, the digital warehouse of Steve Jackson Games. This is the revised and expanded facsimile version of the game that I’ve been blathering about for the last two years, and which is finally seeing the light of […]

Beat It —

It’s twenty-five years since the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the best-selling album of all-time. There’s a big article about it on the BBC News website. Sixty-five million copies sold, according to Guinness, which must make it arguably the best-selling single piece of popular culture ever. It’s certainly several times more than the best-selling DVD […]

Out and about —

Mr D. Hon has already done the honours on this one, but since I booked the pub I feel I should also publicise it a bit: the third monthly London Gamer Geeks pubmeet will happen on 20th June (Wednesday), 6.30pm, downstairs in the College Arms on Store Street WC1. The focus is mostly but not […]

Got a match? —

A footnote to the post on cheating and Puzzle Quest: Jesper Juul has just posted a fantastic overview on the history of match-three-tiles games, tracing it back as far as Chain Shot in 1985. It’s not complete—it doesn’t mention Puzzle Quest or, more bizarrely, the much better known Columns (Sega, 1990)—but it does contain a […]