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The Song Remains The Same —

It’s taken me a while but I finally tore myself away from WoW to start playing Eternal Sonata (Bandai/Namco, Xbox 360) today. I have been looking forward to this. It’s a JRPG set in the dreams of Frédéric Chopin as he lies dying of tuberculosis in Paris in 1849. And that is the kind of […]

Games I Started But Failed to Finish in 2007 —

Bioshock (X360) Not quite sure why. I was absolutely sold on the demo, apart from its one appalling moment of narrative idiocy. WoW more alluring, I suppose. Endless Ocean (Wii) I only got this the week before Christmas, so I am still playing it and I will finish it, I’m pretty sure, I’ve just not […]

Dogs about towns —

Over at Extenuating Circumstances Dan Hon has already done an excellent job of liveblogging chunks of GaME 07 (Imperial College, yesterday) so I won’t duplicate his effort. I will say that it was a good day, the talks were of variable quality, and the stand-outs—as you’d expect—were David Braben talking about ‘Creating Games for the […]

Idle thoughts —

Big post in the works. Meanwhile, some brief updates: Motorstorm (PS3) is very pretty but Excite Truck (Wii) is more fun. I was quite surprised how much fun Excite Truck has turned out to be. Have you noticed how some driving games don’t include any human beings at all? Excite Truck and the Burnout series […]

Fold —

Sony has just released full details of the Folding@Home software that’ll be available for the Playstation 3 from the end of March. Folding@Home is a distributed-computing project that uses a computer’s or console’s idle-cycles to process chunks of data relating to the behaviour of folding-proteins related to forms of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Huntingdon’s, cystic fibrosis, and […]

Duty-free pretty things —

Why do shops in international airports sell video games? Handheld games make sense, sure, but PS/Xbox/Wii games are all region-locked. Yet I’ve never seen a sign by the display racks reading “Warning:  these games won’t work in non-European consoles and your nephew will cry and you will feel like an ass for wasting £35” or […]

Gathering nuts in May —

The world is full of bullshit awards. In a few days we’ve got the Oscars, where an Academy dominated by retired actors will vote for films in which other actors get to showcase their acting, and scripts and directors that showcase acting, and people will call foul because these films, these scripts, these directors and […]

Comfort spaces —

A few months ago UK Resistance, perhaps the finest gaming website in the world, launched what it called its ‘Blue Sky In Games‘ campaign. Boiled down, this said that the current crop of dark, gritty, nihilistic games are no good, and developers should go back to making games with blue skies like, for example, the […]

How bad is Final Fantasy XI Online? —

(Explanation filter: I was given a copy of Final Fantasy XI Online (Squaresoft, 2002) for the Xbox 360 a couple of months before I started this blog and, as those who have heard me evangelise the strengths of Final Fantasy VII (Squaresoft, 1997) can guess, my joy was unbounded. This is a description of my […]

Wii want Wiinformation —

In all the hubbub and furore about the commercial success of the Wii, its strengths as a games machine and its viability against the PS3, one thing’s been missed. Nintendo is about to snatch a huge crown out from under the noses of Sony and Microsoft. While the Xbox 360 and PS3 fight it out […]