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Games I Started But Failed to Finish in 2007 —

Bioshock (X360) Not quite sure why. I was absolutely sold on the demo, apart from its one appalling moment of narrative idiocy. WoW more alluring, I suppose. Endless Ocean (Wii) I only got this the week before Christmas, so I am still playing it and I will finish it, I’m pretty sure, I’ve just not […]

What if they gave an award and nobody came? —

The BAFTA nominations for the 2007 Video Games Awards came out on 25th September (I know I’m behind the times, my father died the next day, sue me). And frankly, what in the holy name of living crap is going on? The list’s here. Go and have a look at it. Anything strike you as […]

Bioshocking —

So I played the demo of Bioshock a few days ago and I was all like, “huh,” enough to put my money down on a pre-order but not, you know, entirely convinced. Game play, atmosphere, setting and backstory, fantastic, but there was one thing that really jarred. And then I read an internest discussion that […]