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A synopsis, a manifesto and a question —

To sum up the last two posts: Will Wright believes that a player’s satisfaction from interacting with a videogame should be on a primarily intellectual level. I’m not saying he’s wrong. In fact I’d say that this describes 99% of the games currently on the market, including several that I enjoy and recommend. That does […]

Wrong and Wright —

…hell with it, I will write a reposte. The problem we have, the huge great mote in Will Wright’s eye and also in the eyes of most of the people who have called him on his appalling SXSW keynote (see previous entry if you’re bewildered and lost), is that frankly the state of the art […]

Wright (full of) Stuff —

I didn’t comment on Will Wright’s SXSW keynote about storytelling in games because I couldn’t find a good enough transcript of it to get a clear demonstration of which orifice he was speaking from. I was pretty sure it was the one he usually sits on, but I wasn’t 100% sure and so I didn’t say anything. I figured someone […]

Comfort spaces —

A few months ago UK Resistance, perhaps the finest gaming website in the world, launched what it called its ‘Blue Sky In Games‘ campaign. Boiled down, this said that the current crop of dark, gritty, nihilistic games are no good, and developers should go back to making games with blue skies like, for example, the […]

Why Italics Are Important —

Back in the mid-90s when I was publishing the journal of games design and criticism Interactive Fantasy, Greg Costikyan wrote us a paper called ‘I Have No Words And I Must Design’. It’s a great piece of work, much referenced and republished since, but there’s one footnote in it that is generally overlooked by all […]

Why ‘Cope’? —

I’ve learned a lot from video games, but ‘cope’ is the best lesson: basic, profound and absolutely to the point. My schooling came from Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega, 1991), the original, not just a classic but a masterpiece of every element of game design. For those who have never played it, the game starts with […]