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n00b World Reorder, part 4 —

(This is the fourth part of an ongoing series of skientific infestigations into the physics, chemistry and biology of Azeroth, the world known as ‘of Warcraft’. This will probably be gibberish unless you have read part 1, part 2 and part 3 first.) The ecology of Azeroth, part 2 The strangest aspect of the animal […]

n00b World Reorder, part 3 —

(This entry is the third part of a continuing quasi-scientific investigation into the nature of Azeroth, the world better known as “of Warcraft”. Here we move on from geophysics to study the local ecology. Part 1 and Part 2 of the series are still online.) The ecology of Azeroth is perplexing. In addition to the […]

Buddha buddha buddha —

When I first read this list of the games that Gautama Buddha apparently said he wouldn’t play (via Ludologist) I reckoned it was 40% likely to turn out to be an elegant practical joke on Buddhists, games theorists and historians, and those who take Wikipedia entries at face value. Well, it turns out it’s the […]