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Hearthstoning the discussion —

If you’ve been commenting to my last few blog posts on the World of Warcraft, or you have a scientific hypothesis of your own about the nature of Azeroth and how it came to be that way, or you have too much time on your hands and enjoy thinking about stuff that doesn’t make sense, […]

n00b World Reorder, part 2 —

(This is a continuation of the essay started here and synopsised on video here.) I note that my previous post has sparked some academic debate in certain circles relating to the validity of my research techniques and data. Therefore before we embark into a new area of discussion, I must address some of the comments […]

n00b World Reorder, part 1 —

The text that made up my Interesting 08 talk ‘Brave n00b World’ was part of a much longer document that I’ve been working on for a while. I’m not sure it’s ready for primetime—I’m not sure it’s ready for anything—but to catch the tide of interest in the video, here’s the first part of it. […]

How Interesting —

Saturday was the day of Interesting 08, the second unconference organised by Russell Davies (no T on this boy) at Conway Hall in London. Thirty speakers gave talks on subjects close to their hearts, the only common linking theme that the topics were—and the speakers should be—interesting. Possibly it was the best not-a-conference conference I’ve […]

Current fun —

(Attention: this post was written in mid-2008. I have no idea if the information in it is still applicable. Please make your own checks before sending any cheques.) In certain circles there’s been a lot of excitement about the Current Cost, a meter that clamps to your mains electricity cable and measures how much power […]

My guy, Gax —

Some years ago, someone—it could have been Andrew Rilstone but I’m honestly not sure—commented that he wished Gary Gygax would hurry up and die, so people would stop talking about what he was doing now (which at the time was Dangerous Journeys, a tedious rules-heavy fantasy RPG at a time when the market was making […]

I must have some booze. I demand to have some booze. —

A quick note—I am not dead, merely busy—to notify you that the final London Gamer Geeks meeting of 2007 is tomorrow night, Wednesday 28th November, at our usual venue downstairs at the College Arms on Store Street, from 6.30pm onwards. Special events this time include: SWAPSIES! Bring games you’ve finished to swap with others! See […]

Shatner plays Horde! —

These two Blizzard commercials are all over the blogosphere and, no doubt, US TV channels as well. They’re your basic celebrity endorsement. SFX: OMG OMG here comes the n00bs endless September all over again. No, I don’t think so. Are these commercials to bring new people to World of Warcraft, or to get existing players […]