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August Meeting for August People —

The London Gamer Geeks meeting for August will be on Wednesday 29th inst*. Once again we’re downstairs at the College Arms on Store Street, from 6.30 onwards, talking about all aspects of games from obscure video-game stuff to equally obscure tabletop stuff, and drinking. If Dan Hon and I get a chance we’ll be running […]

La Règle du Jeu —

I finally played Puerto Rico, Andreas Seyfarth’s award-winning boardgame from 2002, over the weekend. I’ve had it sitting on my games shelf for well over a year, but for some reason I’d forgotten I’d never got around to giving it a try. On Saturday evening I was forcibly reminded of that reason. It wasn’t the […]

Things to do in game design #1: cheat —

(This post is a follow-up to “Things not to do in game design #2: cheat“) Because it’s not about fairness or balance or level playing fields. It’s about the user experience. Let me tell you about a game you’ve never played. It’s called StarPower. StarPower was created in 1969 by R. Garry Shirts and published […]

Old geeks —

In a few years will kids refer disdainfully to ‘old geeks’, the way that people have talked about ‘old hippies’ since the 70s? What would be the distinguishing features of an old geek? (Really this ought to be a short story, or a theme in a short story, but whatever.)