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Munchausen by proxy server —

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (the Difference Engine no.3 edition) is now available for download exclusively from e23, the digital warehouse of Steve Jackson Games. This is the revised and expanded facsimile version of the game that I’ve been blathering about for the last two years, and which is finally seeing the light of […]

Blow your own —

The nominations for this year’s Origins Awards are out. Once again the system’s been changed: this year, instead of nominees, there are ‘semi-finalists’, ten to a category. Gratifyingly, in the non-fiction publication group I have pieces in three of the semi-finalists: 40 Years of Gen Con (Atlas Games); Hobby Games: the 100 Best (Green Ronin); […]

Belle de journalist —

Regarding the whole Milliways info-release fiasco, I would like to thank Simon Wistow for writing the post I was going to, and thereby saving me an hour or two of what looks like it’s going to be a very busy weekend. I particularly want to thank him for the line: ‘Sadly, at this point, the […]

My guy, Gax —

Some years ago, someone—it could have been Andrew Rilstone but I’m honestly not sure—commented that he wished Gary Gygax would hurry up and die, so people would stop talking about what he was doing now (which at the time was Dangerous Journeys, a tedious rules-heavy fantasy RPG at a time when the market was making […]

Buddha buddha buddha —

When I first read this list of the games that Gautama Buddha apparently said he wouldn’t play (via Ludologist) I reckoned it was 40% likely to turn out to be an elegant practical joke on Buddhists, games theorists and historians, and those who take Wikipedia entries at face value. Well, it turns out it’s the […]

Mundus Vult Decipi —

Spurred by a note from Gareth Hanrahan, I’ve been thinking about tracking down all the James Branch Cabell novels I’m missing. Cabell, for the uninitiated, is one of the greatest fantasy writers of the twentieth century. While Lovecraft and Howard were hanging out with Howard and Lovecraft, Cabell was hobnobbing with Mark Twain, Sinclair Lewis […]

Things to do in game design #1: cheat —

(This post is a follow-up to “Things not to do in game design #2: cheat“) Because it’s not about fairness or balance or level playing fields. It’s about the user experience. Let me tell you about a game you’ve never played. It’s called StarPower. StarPower was created in 1969 by R. Garry Shirts and published […]

Got a match? —

A footnote to the post on cheating and Puzzle Quest: Jesper Juul has just posted a fantastic overview on the history of match-three-tiles games, tracing it back as far as Chain Shot in 1985. It’s not complete—it doesn’t mention Puzzle Quest or, more bizarrely, the much better known Columns (Sega, 1990)—but it does contain a […]