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Hearthstoning the discussion —

If you’ve been commenting to my last few blog posts on the World of Warcraft, or you have a scientific hypothesis of your own about the nature of Azeroth and how it came to be that way, or you have too much time on your hands and enjoy thinking about stuff that doesn’t make sense, […]

n00b World Reorder, part 2 —

(This is a continuation of the essay started here and synopsised on video here.) I note that my previous post has sparked some academic debate in certain circles relating to the validity of my research techniques and data. Therefore before we embark into a new area of discussion, I must address some of the comments […]

Current fun —

(Attention: this post was written in mid-2008. I have no idea if the information in it is still applicable. Please make your own checks before sending any cheques.) In certain circles there’s been a lot of excitement about the Current Cost, a meter that clamps to your mains electricity cable and measures how much power […]

A Whiner Is You —

Just to assure you I’m still alive… Apparently there are only three countries in the world that haven’t officially adopted the metric system: Liberia; Myanmar; and the United States of America. How richly ironic is it that the USA’s way of measuring things is what they call the English system, and the rest of the world calls the Imperial system? (And they can’t even get that right: there are 20 fluid ounces in a pint, not 16. Please, these things are called ‘standards’ for a reason.) In other news: Space Giraffe is a huge disappointment, and I will deliver some thoughts […]

Gaming the System —

I know this is all over everywhere, but I enjoy watching people turn everyday tools into playthings. Petition asking Gov. Schwarzenegger to free Paris Hilton—as I write, 16741 signatures Petition asking Gov. Schwarzenegger to jail Paris Hilton—as I write, 29576 signatures

Body text —

According to a trusted friend, apparently Websense is blocking its users from seeing this website. Under the category ‘sex’. I am frankly nonplussed. I mean, I don’t think I’ve referred to any particular game as an “abortion” recently.


If you enter the location of an event as ‘TBA’ in Google Calendar, the system will offer you a map to it. Clicking on the link—which of course you would, or at least of course I did—reveals an entirely blank plan of Tabibuga station, Papua New Guinea. I know nothing about Tabibuga, but as far as I can glean from the internest it’s […]

Fold —

Sony has just released full details of the Folding@Home software that’ll be available for the Playstation 3 from the end of March. Folding@Home is a distributed-computing project that uses a computer’s or console’s idle-cycles to process chunks of data relating to the behaviour of folding-proteins related to forms of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Huntingdon’s, cystic fibrosis, and […]

Wii want Wiinformation —

In all the hubbub and furore about the commercial success of the Wii, its strengths as a games machine and its viability against the PS3, one thing’s been missed. Nintendo is about to snatch a huge crown out from under the noses of Sony and Microsoft. While the Xbox 360 and PS3 fight it out […]