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A Thing of Beauty is a Stout Green Toy —

Playful 08 was a gas: like Russell Davis’s Interesting crashed head-first into a crowd of games-heads. There were many fantastic talks. Lots of hardware hacking (Roo Reynolds on turning the Rock Band guitar into an actual musical instrument, Matt Biddulph of Dopplr on the possibilities of the Wiimote, Matt Brown of LastFM on Trumpet Hero […]

Normal service has been resumed —

I apologise for the lack of updates and comment-approvals. WordPress has refused to let me log in to the blog for the best part of a month. Having tried all the regular orifices I’ve finally forced my way back in through the ribcage, have performed some open-heart surgery on bits and bobs, and we should […]

Quiz? Ego! —

Short notice, I know, but tonight (Wednesday) the London Gamer Geeks are hosting a games quiz as part of the London Games Festival, with a host of exciting prizes and cake. We’re at our regular meeting place, downstairs at the College Arms on Store Street, and proceedings will probably kick off around 7.30 though you […]