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Cahiers du Cutscene? —

Wired has suddenly got a bee under its bonnet about the idea that video games need a critical vocabulary before they can begin to be any good, or at least taken seriously. Annalee Newitz argues that film didn’t flower till the 1940s and it was the publication of French film-crit magazine Cahiers du Cinema in […]

Mundus Vult Decipi —

Spurred by a note from Gareth Hanrahan, I’ve been thinking about tracking down all the James Branch Cabell novels I’m missing. Cabell, for the uninitiated, is one of the greatest fantasy writers of the twentieth century. While Lovecraft and Howard were hanging out with Howard and Lovecraft, Cabell was hobnobbing with Mark Twain, Sinclair Lewis […]

Things to do in game design #1: cheat —

(This post is a follow-up to “Things not to do in game design #2: cheat“) Because it’s not about fairness or balance or level playing fields. It’s about the user experience. Let me tell you about a game you’ve never played. It’s called StarPower. StarPower was created in 1969 by R. Garry Shirts and published […]

Wrong and Wright —

…hell with it, I will write a reposte. The problem we have, the huge great mote in Will Wright’s eye and also in the eyes of most of the people who have called him on his appalling SXSW keynote (see previous entry if you’re bewildered and lost), is that frankly the state of the art […]

Richard & n00by —

Richard and Judy, king and queen of the late-afternoon chat-show and freelancer bunk-off hour, did a segment on World of Warcraft today. Richard was enthused, Judy predictably befuddled. I missed it. Fret not: it’ll be on Youtube soon. The spur for the piece was Caitlin Moran, the tabloid journalist who writes for the Times, who […]

Good Day Sunshine —

Next time someone asks me how to do a driving, exciting character-centric narrative in a video game, I am going to go totally old-media on their ass. Specifically I am going to tell them to go and see Sunshine, the forthcoming film directed by Danny Boyle (28 Days Later) from a script by Alex Garland […]